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Home away from home.....

Experience a home away from your home in our hostels. There is a separate hostel for girls, situated within the campus and the boys hostel located inside the campus. The rooms are spacious, well furnished, self contained and duly maintained. It also has the unique telecom facility for incoming calls only. There are however, a set of rules and regulations that have to be strictly adhered to. All provisions are made to ensure students enjoy their stay here! The hostels have self-contained two / three seater rooms which are spacious, airy and provide for a great view.

They come with the basic amenities like bed, table, chair and electrical fittings with 24-hour water supply also. Recreation hall with facilities for indoor games like chess and carom encourages students to make good use of their leisure time. Several newspapers as well as magazines are subscribed and TV is also provided to get them relaxed during leisure and also to get them updated. The Computer Centre and Library are kept open for residents of the hostel.