Welcome to VSM

Mission & Vision


To play a crucial role in contributing to the betterment of humanity and in shaping our world.
To produce world class engineers and scientists to meet quality manpower requirements of industry and academia for sustainable development of the nation.
To provide important leadership to the society and be a major contributor to knowledge process organization.
To be a role model for other institutions by creating, disseminating, developing, managing and transferring complex technologies.


VSM fosters a vision of educational transformation in keeping pace with the times. It emphasizes a symbiotic relationship between the students, faculties, academia and industries. The young institution offers a holistic approach to technical education, personality development and social skills. The challenge today, is to relate ourselves to the socio-economic cultural and educational world and to think globally. VSM understands this responsibility and works to create a talent pool of manpower to tackle the emerging issues confronting the 21st century.